Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies
Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies

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IT solutions for companies

Explore the best data management solutions in the cloud and on premises

In modern companies, various solutions are used to improve operations related to data storage, integration and handling. Currently, IT systems adapted to the needs of a given company are becoming more and more popular.

Our offer includes both cloud solutions and internal systems that allow for easier handling of files and information. These are also technologies that will help you reach potential customers more effectively and maintain appropriate relationships with those who have already taken advantage of your offer.


Big Data solutions for companies

We offer modern IT solutions for business. These are systems that allow you to simplify operations thanks to serverless technologies, as well as increase productivity in the enterprise. Our Big Data systems are able to handle petabytes of data, which is why they work great in larger companies that collect huge amounts of information.

Among the available Big Data technologies, it is worth highlighting e.g. Cloud Mass Ingestion, Cloud Data Integration, Cloud Data Quality, Enterprise Data Catalog or Enterprise Data Preparation. They allow for intelligent acquisition of data necessary to conduct complex analyzes and create original projects.

Thanks to such technologies, it is possible to automate many processes in the enterprise, which translates directly into work efficiency.

Cloud ETL and ELT - data integration in the cloud

Our offer includes e.g. a cloud data integration system that allows you to connect source and target data with multiple connectors that recognize metadata. Technologies of this type can significantly reduce costs.

Our solutions do not require coding, therefore they save integration time. These systems combine many important functions, allowing you to minimize the number of programs used.

Our systems are adapted to work even with very large amounts of data. They are compatible with the largest known clouds, allowing you to adjust the operating parameters to the characteristics of the work of a given company. Thanks to them, the information processed by your company can remain safe and accessible from anywhere in the world. This is a perfect solution, especially for companies that allow remote work.

Data Quality - data quality management in the company

We also offer IT solutions for companies that allow for even more effective protection of collected data, including personal data. These systems make it possible to maintain high-quality information and adapt the company's work rules to current regulations.

Solutions Informatica Data Quality and Governance allow entrepreneurs to protect themselves against data loss, fines related to their improper processing, as well as incorrect analyzes and deterioration of brand reputation.

As part of our products, you can integrate data cleaning and standardization yourself, as well as verification of addresses and other information. Available technologies also allow you to monitor and track changes. This translates into a better understanding of what is happening with the data collected by the company.

A wide range of IT solutions for companies

Our offer includes not only cloud solutions, data quality management systems or Big Data programs. We also implement advanced MDM or Customer 360 technologies.

These solutions are designed to support both internal and customer operations. Some of them may also be used to maintain appropriate relationships with the people to whom you address your offer. They allow e.g. to support your brand's advertising campaigns.

We will help you match the right solutions to the size, needs and characteristics of your company. Some of our technologies complement each other, which allows you to increase the efficiency, safety and profits of your company. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the services from our offer.

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Data Analytics
in the cloud

Access all your data, acquire and integrate it, definitely speed up analytical and artificial intelligence projects.



Data Governance
and data quality

Trust your data, manage it and ensure its security and compliance with changing regulations.



Customer view
and product 360

Create a single view of all your data, improve your customer experience and increase your online sales.




Access, synchronize and deliver all types of data by modernizing applications and automating processes.



We focus on data

Integral Solutions is a company that has been a distributor of modern IT solutions for business for 20 years. We offer a range of services related to data integration, Data Engineering or knowledge management.

We deal with cloud services, we care about the security of our clients' data. We have the knowledge and experience that allows us to offer modern, safe and intuitive solutions.

They trusted us.

Over 20 years of activity, there are dozens of successfully completed data management projects.
Thank you for your trust.

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always in good company

Native cloud capabilities Informatica enable easy integration with the cloud. Informatica supports global cloud platform providers, system integrators, ISVs and more.

Solutions Informatica for years they have been receiving the highest ratings in Gartner's Magic Quadrant reports, ahead of other competing tools. You are a Partner Integral Solutions – you are in good company.

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Informatica University

We have been successfully implementing and training users of solutions for 20 years Informatica. We employ the best experts and practitioners Informatica in Poland.

We provide workshop participants with the most modern and always up-to-date training tools Informatica. We have been the preferred tool training provider for many years Informatica.

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