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We are a Platinum Partner Informatica. The received partner status is a confirmation of our competence as a provider of cloud solutions Informatica. Certified qualifications of our employees and dozens of successful implementations of solutions Informatica, make us ready to become a trusted Partner of organizations that want to fully use the power of their data.

High affiliate status Informatica it is also possible to offer solutions Informatica throughout Europe, and provide services in countries such as: Israel, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Solutions Informatica in the field of data governance, advanced data analytics, 360-degree customer and product view, and application integration have been awarded the highest marks by Gartner for years.


Informatica, i.e. all the data in its place

We live in an era where information is the most valuable currency. At the same time, it is a time when we have too much information and that is why it is very important to properly select it, find tools to process this data and search for what is important and valuable to us. Therefore, especially in large enterprises, the importance of how data is managed, stored or processed is growing. Only thanks to the efficient organization of the possessed knowledge, its systematization and use, you can ensure the constant development of your company or organization and guarantee yourself a competitive advantage. Therefore, it is not surprising that, especially in the face of changes that are yet to come, the importance of companies dealing with cloud solutions and offering data management tools is growing.

A technological leader

The leading representative and at the same time one of the leaders of this market is Informatica. It is a company that was founded in the United States in 1993 and while it is younger than some of its direct rivals, it is an absolute industry leader. For this reason, it is recommendable when it comes to the use of data management solutions. How Informatica did she climb to the top? One of the reasons for this is the fact that, unlike some of its competitors, Informatica from the very beginning she dealt strictly with data management, she was strictly focused on finding and implementing solutions in this area. In addition, it is a constantly evolving company that understands the changes that are taking place in the form and amount of data currently available. Based on this, it makes key changes in the scope of its activities - so as to be able to fully use the potential of the constantly growing amount of information and various, newer forms of its recording.


Now Informatica introduces a new, third generation of data management solutions - Data 3.0. This is a step showing how huge IT development should take place by 2020. Therefore, 25 years of close experience in such a young industry is undoubtedly a guarantee of high quality of services provided. At the same time, the company boasts an unblemished reputation - it cooperates with many international brands, and in addition, in the Gartner Magic Quadrant (performed by the American company Gartner Inc.) Informatica was indicated as the absolute leader on the market of entities offering data management in as many as 6 categories - Data Quality, MDM, EIPaaS, Metadata Management, Data Integration and Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement. What's more - Informatica not only is it a stand-alone leader in each of the above-mentioned categories, but even the most serious competitors have not received such positive ratings in so many different areas - the best of them (i.e. Oracle and IBM) were identified as one of the market leaders in 3 and 4 categories, respectively. What is worth emphasizing, these 6 categories in which Informatica is an absolute leader, these are all those in which the brand functions strongly on a daily basis. It is an international company, successfully operating on the most important world markets. It is also worth noting that its activity in our country is nothing new - it has been operating in Poland for 20 years. Thanks to cooperation with Integral Solutions - Informatica Platinum Partner, successfully meets the needs of large enterprises operating on our domestic market.

Lots of data, great partner

The great pride of our company is the fact that Integral Solutions is an official Platinum Partner Informatica in Poland. We know that thanks to the quality offered by the market leader, we will be able to offer the best solutions in all areas in which we provide services. As an authorized partner Informatica, we can offer a number of tools that ensure development and guarantee full use of your data resources, thus gaining a competitive advantage. official distributor Informatica We have been in Poland for over a dozen years, thanks to which we have gathered a number of valuable experiences in using the company's tools. The confirmation of the quality of our services is undoubtedly the constantly expanding circle of satisfied customers. Thanks to many years of work, we can guarantee that the implication of the solutions we can offer will run smoothly and without any complications. This will be ensured by our experienced implementation team, thanks to which you will be able to take full advantage of the solutions Informatica. The guarantee of the effectiveness of this process is undoubtedly the versatility of our team - it consists of experienced specialists and experts in many fields, such as business analysis, architecture, development or project management. Their skills perfectly complement each other and work well together - so that they can efficiently solve any potential problem and maximize the effectiveness of the tools provided.


Thanks to the use of branded solutions Informatica you can start making full use of all the information bases you have. You will be able to successfully use the data that is in your resources, but which you have not been able to process effectively so far. It is known that information is priceless, but as it turns out, Polish enterprises very rarely use the data they have in full, due to the inability to select the important ones, to separate valuable information from unnecessary or duplicated information. Informatica offers an excellent Big Data management system that will help you collect all the information that is relevant to you from various sources. The ETL system used will mean that you will not have to reach for various available sources of knowledge each time, but instead you will have a prepared base, devoid of worthless or repetitive information. What's more, tools are offered that will allow for simple visualization of this data - so useful when we want not only to have it, but also to understand it well, use it and present it to third parties. Informatica it also offers great opportunities in the field of data integration - through appropriate tools it ensures the most simplified and secure integration of all data entered by members of our company. And when the need arises, data integration systems will enable easy access to resources for those employees of the company for whom it is necessary, while protecting them against unauthorized interference. This greatly facilitates and accelerates the work of the company, and at the same time allows you to maintain full security.

Trust above all

Speaking of security, it is worth noting that it is extremely important - especially today. In addition to the need to protect against data theft or loss for your own purposes, it is also important to secure from the point of view of legal consequences. Unauthorized data processing or data leakage is highly undesirable, as it may result in really serious consequences, including high fines and financial penalties, which are of particular importance along with the requirements of the GDPR. Interestingly, a very small percentage of Polish enterprises use systems designed to protect data, including sensitive data, despite the fact that this is both a reasonable move and required by law. Therefore, it is particularly important in the case of personal data management to use secure solutions that fully respect the regulations concerning them. Informatica certainly responds to these needs, offering both a full package of protection of the information we possess, as well as the detection of sensitive data and their appropriate protection - both against external entities and against our employees, who should not have access to them insight. Informatica also offers fully secure and effective storage of such data in such a way that they are not lost, as well as their archiving or permanent deletion - so as to comply with all required procedures. The security of our solutions can be guaranteed by both the Gartner rating and (above all) a group of satisfied customers. Many entities around the world trust the security and efficiency in data management it offers Informatica. The brand's clients include the largest corporations and organizations in the world. This group includes, among others: Facebook, Puma, BMW, L'Oreal, Amazon and HBO. Also in Poland, among the companies served by Integral Solutions, we will find very large players, mainly from the banking or telecommunications industry, such as: mBank, PKO BP, Bank Pekao, Bank Zachodni WBK, Getin Bank, Nationale Nederlanden, Orange or Plus. However, they are not the only ones – we have clients from various industries in our portfolio, such as such recognized brands as Castorama or Polsat. To sum up - Informatica is the choice of the largest companies in the context of data management - both in our country and abroad. We believe that such serious and prestigious partners are not only proof of the full safety of the solutions we use, but also the professionalism of our company. We warmly invite you to cooperate and contact us - we will be happy to answer any questions.

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