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Integral Data Talks`24

We would like to thank everyone who was with us at this year's edition Informatica Data Talks and we invite you to register for next year's event free of charge. We meet on September 24, 2024.



How to accelerate the implementation of Data Governance in the organization?

Please note that the webinar date has changed

Unfortunately, one of our speakers, due to family matters, will not participate in today's webinar. Therefore, we decided to postpone the event to another date. Soon we will inform you about the new date of the meeting. We're sorry for this situation.



Informatica Data Talks`23

If you are looking for inspiration for initiatives related to data-driven digital transformation, this conference is for you.

During speeches, debates and workshops, experts and clients who face data-related challenges on a daily basis will share their experiences. We invite you to the conference on September 26 in Browary Warszawskie.



Be a data-driven organization

The Being a data-driven organization webinar series is a guide for enterprises that, using the potential of data, want to increase efficiency, increase the level of innovation as well as the quality and profitability of their business initiatives. We invite you to watch 3 parts during which we discover good practices of data-driven organization.



Benefits and challenges of the Data Vault methodology in building modern data warehouses/platforms

Is your organization struggling to effectively manage data as it becomes increasingly difficult to meet growing business expectations for data availability? Or maybe you are planning a change in your approach to data architecture/platforms? If so, we encourage you to watch the webinar, during which we present the practical aspects of Data Vault.



Informatica Cloud Forum`21

The previous edition of Cloud Forum took place in 2019, in a traditional conference version. Although so little has passed since this event, business's approach to the cloud has changed dramatically. Every day, when we talk to our Partners and Customers, we notice this change; instead of asking "Should I enter the cloud?" we hear "When to do it, how and with whom?"



How to modernize your data and join the cloud

Use the potential of Snowflake thanks to data integration Informatica in the cloud. We invite you to a webinar during which we will tell you what a cloud data platform is and how you can use it to analyze your data even more effectively.



How to replace SAP BW in your organization

Anyone who has ever encountered the SAP BW solution knows that, in addition to the great opportunities it offers, it also requires a lot of effort to configure, personalize and provide appropriate analyses. During a short webinar, we will present an alternative and modern analytical method for SAP systems (ERP, CRM, SRM, S/4HANA, others).



Data warehouse modernization in Microsoft Azure

Ordinary data warehouses and Business Intelligence solutions no longer meet expectations. The flexibility of the solution and the diversity of sources, including Big Data and IoT data, mean that business has completely different requirements for analytics. The answer is Microsoft cloud solutions and Informaticathanks to which we will use unlimited analytics, bypassing the limitations faced by users of an expensive and inflexible on-premise data warehouse. We discussed this topic during the webinar, below we present video material and pdf presentations from this event.



Data-driven insurance

Selling insurance in a customer-centric model helps to achieve a competitive advantage, provided that we have complete, consistent and high-quality customer data. During the webinar, we will meet with insurance industry experts and discuss how data management systems support the transition from a policy-centric to a customer-centric model.



Informatica Cloud Forum 2019

Informatica Cloud Forum is a conference dedicated to cloud technologies. Participating in the conference that took place on June 5 in Warsaw was a great opportunity to learn about this topic from a different perspective. We invite you to watch the video report from the event.



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How the data marketplace delivers value to the data consumer

What is a data marketplace within the platform and how does it work? Informatica and how the solution complements other data marketplaces and exchanges.

Holistic enterprise integration architecture using iPaaS

Thanks to innovative solutions, Informatica iPaaS enables organizations to effectively manage, integrate and analyze data to make better business decisions.

How to turn your AI vision into reality with cloud modernization

The digital transformation landscape is rapidly evolving with the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud modernization. Implementing these technologies is crucial to success in an increasingly data-dominated economy.

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