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Corporate social responsibility

Get to know the socio-cultural initiatives we supported

Integral Solutions CSR initiatives

For years, we have been taking actions in the field of corporate social responsibility and supporting selected cultural and social initiatives.
Below we present selected initiatives that we supported.


Amadeusz at the Jaracz Theater in Łódź

"Amadeusz" by Peter Shaffer - is a delightful play directed by Anna Wieczur, which has just had its premiere at the Jaracz Theater in Łódź. A galaxy of excellent actors, accompanied by a 40-piece orchestra and choir, paid tribute to the beauty of Mozart's work and the tragedy of Mozart's life. However, let's not forget that notes are also data that encode information such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics and articulation. And as data geeks, music is especially close to our hearts.

We are proud that we supported this unique event and played a part in its success. Many thanks for the incredible emotions you provided us and the numerous viewers of the Jaracza Theater.


Szpilman's songs performed by Lala Czaplicka and the Adria orchestra

Songs by Władysław Szpilman, an outstanding pianist, composer and author of great Polish hits, were performed by Lala Czaplicka with the Adria orchestra. The composition and sound idiom of the band refers to orchestras performing in interwar venues and variety theaters in the capital. The Adria Orchestra consists of outstanding Polish musicians, the best soloists and instrumentalists.

Thanks to our support, it was possible to publish a beautifully produced CD containing Wiesław Szpilman's unforgettable hits performed by Lala Czaplicka with the Adria orchestra.

The film entitled Szpilman tells the story of Szpilman's war history beautifully. The Pianist, directed by Roman Polański, based on the Artist's autobiography. After the cruel time of the Nazi occupation, the composer returned to work at Polish Radio. In the post-war period, he composed over 400 songs, including further hits.



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