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Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies

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Junior sales engineer

Preparation of technical offers and support in the preparation of demo environments

ETL Developer (Informatica power center)

Designing, creating, developing, testing and optimizing ETL processes

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Why Integral Solutions

A stable employer

We have been supporting our clients in implementing the best data management solutions for almost 20 years. Those who built the company are still with us, and for many it was an important stop in their career. Build a strong and balanced team with us.

A modern and developing sector

Digital transformation cannot take place without solid data management solutions. We have been building competences for years Informatica in Poland. We care about data security, implement Big Data solutions and deal with cloud services. Become part of the team developing potential Informatica in Poland.

Product trainings

As an exclusive distributor Informatica in Poland and Platinum Partner Informatica we conduct professional training and workshops in the field of these solutions. The best experts and practitioners of solutions, high-quality training materials and access to resources Informatica University may be within your reach.

Friendly working atmosphere

Regardless of whether you work in an office, partly at home, or at one of our clients, you can count on a friendly atmosphere and support. We believe that a friendly work environment is the basis for building a committed team that you can be a part of.

Benefit system

We care about the well-being and satisfaction of our employees. Working in our company, you have access to various benefits in the MyBenefit system. Additionally available online.

Integration meetings

Meetings and integration events in interesting places, combined with friendly competition and relaxation, are important points in our calendar. We listen to the voices of colleagues from the company, looking for inspiration from them for original meetings outside the office.

Integral Solutions are made by its employees

We are a team of specialists focused on tasks in their area, but perfectly complementing each other. We operate according to the rules that we create ourselves and which provide us with an effective, but at the same time safe working environment. The friendly atmosphere among employees additionally motivates us and drives our actions.
If you want to co-create and develop the environment in which you work, we invite you to Integral Solutions.

Agnieszka Chmielewska

HR Manager Integral Solutions

How do we recruit?

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Sending a CV for the selected job offer

Etap 2

Analysis of documents and selection of candidates for meetings

Etap 3

Interview with a recruiter, in our office or online

Etap 4

Talk to a manager or technical person

Etap 5

Making an offer of cooperation to selected candidates

Etap 6

Signing the contract and employee onboarding

After working hours

Learning new skills

During team-building outings, we get to know and learn new skills. Is it possible to learn golf in one day? It's certainly not easy, but under the supervision of an instructor and with the support of your friends, you can learn the basics of the game and enjoy the afternoon spent together.

We have fun and help others

An engaged team is not only about effectively completed projects. Our employees willingly engage in various charitable activities. We have already had the opportunity to paint the fence of Children's Home No. 1 in Warsaw and install birdhouses together with its pupils. The busy day ended with fun fun with the children, to whom we gave several sports bikes.

Friendly competition during outdoor games

A bit of adrenaline during a fierce but friendly competition with colleagues is the perfect end to a busy week. Climbing a tower made of boxes requires not only courage, but above all teamwork. Outdoor games allow us to develop this skill, while having the opportunity to have great fun.

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