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How the data marketplace delivers value to the data consumer

What is a data marketplace within the platform and how does it work? Informatica and how the solution complements other data marketplaces and exchanges.

Holistic enterprise integration architecture using iPaaS

Thanks to innovative solutions, Informatica iPaaS enables organizations to effectively manage, integrate and analyze data to make better business decisions.

How to turn your AI vision into reality with cloud modernization

The digital transformation landscape is rapidly evolving with the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud modernization. Implementing these technologies is crucial to success in an increasingly data-dominated economy.

A new look at data integration in a hybrid multicloud world

Hybrid multicloud environments, combining public and/or private cloud services with on-premises data centers, are becoming essential. They enable flexible, fast and secure data operations, while optimizing costs and resources.

Optimize operations with a unified view of retail data

MDM 360 Informatica offers a comprehensive solution that helps retailers optimize operations, increase efficiency and improve the customer experience.

The key to successful ERP modernization: data quality and data management

Modernizing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can bring enormous benefits due to the importance of data quality and effective data management in this process.

Data management under the EU Artificial Intelligence Act

Explore the internal and external challenges for organizations in managing AI data, in the context of the EU Artificial Intelligence Act.

Implementing CLAIRE GPT in your organization: How to optimize data management with Informatica?

What is the CLAIRE GPT solution, what are the key benefits of implementing CLAIRE GPT? – learn examples of the use of CLAIRE GPT in the organization. 

CLAIRE GPT The future of data management from Informatica

The need for advanced AI-powered data management tools is becoming greater – Informatica, a leader in data management, introduces an innovative solution: CLAIRE GPT.

Like a smart MDM solution from Informatica introduces innovations in cloud data management

Learn how to intelligently MDM from Informatica introduces innovations in cloud data management.