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Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies

Customer 360 - Understand your Customer at every stage of the Customer Journey

We help CX leaders overcome major data challenges to meet high customer expectations and demands

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Customer 360 innovates with advanced analytics

Achieve measurable business benefits using an enterprise-scale customer view

Better experiences

Create experiences that attract, retain and grow your customer base

Improve loyalty

Build loyalty with consistent interactions powered by an intelligent 360-degree view of the customer

Wider visibility

Gain insight into those relationships with your customers that matter most

More conversions

Optimize resources and increase conversions with better targeted and relevant marketing campaigns

Increased profitability

Fine-tune your sales and service resources to your customers' needs and capabilities

Faster innovation

Accelerate your digital transformation initiatives with trusted customer data across all apps and channels

Deploy faster

Gain value quickly with an out-of-the-box, extensible customer data model with smart fields

Intelligently enrich

Build a complete customer profile using green tag capabilities to select, validate, standardize and enrich customer records

Match data according to next-generation standards

Accurately match data with AI coupled with a best-in-class declarative matching rule engine

Streamline management

Simplify data management with one business UI

Data Management Competence Center

Nowadays, the importance of data and their role in building the strength of the organization and its competitive advantage is indisputable. 20 years ago, when we started the first implementations Informatica in Poland, this awareness was just being formed.

I am glad that during this time we have built a strong data management competence center and implemented dozens of IT solutions, allowing Polish business to unleash the power of data.

Paweł Borkowski

Managing director Integral Solutions


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Product 360 (PIM)

Manage complex product content across distribution channels and at scale


Supplier 360

Streamline vendor and supplier information management with a single, trusted data source


Finance 360

Manage your financial data with a cloud-native solution that combines MDM and AI-powered automation


Reference 360

Manage and unlock the true value of reference datasets by centrally defining, managing and sharing


Multidomain MDM

Tackle complex issues with complete and accurate views of the critical master data for your organization


Data as a service

Connect with your customers with confidence using verified and enriched contact details


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