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Data quality management

Deliver high-quality, clean and trustworthy information with high-quality data that scales regardless of size, format, platform and technology

High quality data means accurate business decisions

Regardless of whether your data is structured or unstructured, whether it is collected locally or in the cloud, it must be trustworthy. Turn data into valuable value for the company by ensuring that all key initiatives and processes in the organization are driven by relevant, most up-to-date and reliable data.

Enterprises are under enormous pressure from increasingly restrictive regulations on the protection of personal data. Therefore, organizations now, as never before, face a responsible decision to choose solutions that will solve the issue of data quality in a coherent and comprehensive manner.

Using solutions Informatica Data Quality and Governance you can be sure that your organization regularly receives high business value thanks to relevant, up-to-date and trustworthy data.

Limit real threats to the organization

Without a professional data quality program in your organization, you risk many dangers

  • Losses: incorrect data affect operating activity by increasing its costs and/or lowering income, e.g. incorrectly performed marketing campaign
  • Fines: incorrect reporting may result in high financial penalties, e.g. in the case of GDPR regulations, it may be as much as EUR 20 million or 4% of global turnover
  • Incorrect analysis: The business value you get from analytics is as reliable as the data you deliver, ultimately affecting ongoing operations, planning and forecasting.
  • Bad reputation with the client: your relationships with current and potential customers, partners or suppliers can be damaged, sometimes irreparably, if they receive the wrong information
  • Data not trustworthy: if you want to add data to a balance sheet or other strategic document, you must be able to demonstrate the value of the data as an asset, so your data must be of the highest quality

Data Quality ensures accuracy on a large scale

Accurate data analysis

Finally, trust the results of your analyzes when you take full control of data quality to profile, standardize, measure and monitor data quality

More efficient operations drive digital transformation

Ensure full data quality with automated in-between integration Informatica Data Quality, Axon Data Governance and Enterprise Data Catalog

Improved customer experience

Ensure your CX apps and MDM tools always use the most accurate and up-to-date data with a shared, high-quality data repository

Enable fast data profiling

Continuous analyzes will allow you to better understand your data and detect problems

Standardize data quality

Integrate data cleaning and standardization, address verification and more

Use ready-made rules and accelerators

Reuse common data quality rules in any data from any source

Make your data observable

With monitoring, tracking and alerts, understand the health of your data

Confidence in your own data

From the very beginning of my professional career related to the processing of large amounts of data from various IT systems, the issue of data quality has always been a critical factor influencing the actual success rates of the entire company.

Therefore, the implementation of the Data Quality solution is not an option, but a key and strategic solution ensuring the organization's trust in the Data on which the entire business is currently based.

Konrad Mokrzański

Presales Manager & Architect Integral Solutions

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