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Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies

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Data is our domain

We have been providing modern IT solutions for business for 20 years, we offer a range of services related to data integration, Data Engineering (Big Data) and knowledge management. We deal with cloud services, we care about the security of our clients' data. We have the knowledge and experience that allows us to offer modern, safe and intuitive solutions.

We are the official Polish distributor of the brand's software Informatica Corp., a Platinum Partner Enterprise. It has been known for a long time that it is a company that has been successful on a global scale by offering the latest IT solutions for business. Informatica Corp is a leader in the field of data migration and supplying database systems. That is why it is worth using our services - knowledge and the latest technologies stand behind us.

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We support the innovation of your data

We believe that data is the soul of a successful business transformation. We will help you transform it from simple binary information into a source of innovation for your organization. This is possible thanks to our intelligent data management cloud, the only cloud created for data management.

Leaders choose Informatica

Data Management Competence Center

Nowadays, the importance of data and their role in building the strength of the organization and its competitive advantage is indisputable. 20 years ago, when we started the first implementations Informatica in Poland, this awareness was just being formed. I am glad that during this time we have built a strong data management competence center and implemented dozens of IT solutions, allowing Polish business to unleash the power of data.

Paweł Borkowski

Managing director Integral Solutions

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How the data marketplace delivers value to the data consumer

What is a data marketplace within the platform and how does it work? Informatica and how the solution complements other data marketplaces and exchanges.

Holistic enterprise integration architecture using iPaaS

Thanks to innovative solutions, Informatica iPaaS enables organizations to effectively manage, integrate and analyze data to make better business decisions.

How to turn your AI vision into reality with cloud modernization

The digital transformation landscape is rapidly evolving with the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud modernization. Implementing these technologies is crucial to success in an increasingly data-dominated economy.

A new look at data integration in a hybrid multicloud world

Hybrid multicloud environments, combining public and/or private cloud services with on-premises data centers, are becoming essential. They enable flexible, fast and secure data operations, while optimizing costs and resources.

Optimize operations with a unified view of retail data

MDM 360 Informatica offers a comprehensive solution that helps retailers optimize operations, increase efficiency and improve the customer experience.

The key to successful ERP modernization: data quality and data management

Modernizing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can bring enormous benefits due to the importance of data quality and effective data management in this process.

We work with the best

Our technology partners

Our advantages

The largest Polish banks, insurance companies, telecommunications retail networks and many others have trusted us. Find out why.

20 years of experience

Since 2003, we have been implementing solutions for data integration, Data Engineering or knowledge management, we deal with cloud services, we care about the security of our clients' data.


Informatica Platinum Partner

Quality of solutions Informatica has been confirmed in Gartner reports, obtaining the highest ratings in all 5 key areas of data management.

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Easy and fast integration
with the cloud

Native cloud capabilities Informatica enable easy integration with the cloud. Informatica supports global cloud platform providers, system integrators, ISVs and more.


Reputable employer

We have been building competences for years Informatica in Poland. Our experts specialize in consulting, designing, training and implementing data management tools.


The biggest brands and companies
among customers

Our clients include the largest banks, insurance companies, telecommunications retail networks and many others.


Propagation of knowledge
in the field of data

We have knowledge, experience and competences that we willingly share during webinars, trainings and conferences. We invite our clients, partners and personalities from the world of data to the stage.