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Altair – solutions for advanced data analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics solutions

Data is unlike any other asset your organization has. Data does not wear out, does not expire and can be used repeatedly. The value of data comes not from having it, but from how you use it. Altair enables data-centric teams to use AI and data analytics solutions to gain a competitive advantage and achieve better business results.


Enable everyone to support a data-driven culture

Altair data analytics solutions allow you to scale your AI initiatives without the need to employ a large team of data scientists or implement expensive services. You'll upskill your employees from novice to expert, so they can effortlessly use the data and analytical tools needed to deliver data-driven insights.


Generate and share data-driven insights across your organization without having to write a single line of code.


Focus on high-value work and drive long-term business impact with no-code or friendly code options.


Transform your organization's data architecture and manage complex automation at scale.

Provide relevant data and advanced analytical tools

Provide the breadth of data and analytics capabilities your diverse teams need. Whether it's a unified end-to-end data analytics solution, a self-service data transformation or visualization solution, or an alternative SAS environment.

Extract data from PDF files, spreadsheets and company-critical reports

connect dealing with databases, spreadsheets, big data, IoT and more

Browse trends and detect anomalies

Transform data to fit your application

Train and evaluate AI models, no-code or code-friendly

Operationalize large-scale model

Create real-time dashboards or end-user applications

Enrich processes via automation, in the cloud or on-premises

Control end-user access to data

Overcome new challenges on a corporate scale

Don't let IT challenges stop you from taking full advantage of your data analytics solutions. Know that the scalability, extensibility and deployment options you need are available - all without compromising data security and integrity.

Ensure security and management

Enforce surveillance with granular access control. Easy integration with existing user management systems in the enterprise.

Deploy anywhere

Flexible deployment models include an on-premises, cloud or hybrid hosted solution.

Develop tools today and tomorrow

Grow your analytics ecosystem. Connect your current investments with your vision for the future.

Accelerate innovation across your organization using artificial intelligence

Leverage the most effective use cases of artificial intelligence, transforming your organization. Empower everyone and by providing them with the right tools, make sure there are no limits to what can be achieved with data and advanced analytics.

Increase revenues

  • Demand forecasting
  • Extracting data from text
  • Next Best Action Strategy
  • Customer segmentation
  • Up and cross-selling

Cut costs

  • Prediction of maintenance costs
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Process automation
  • Product development
  • Customer retention
  • Automation of data extraction

Manage risk

  • Credit Scorecards
  • Quality assurance
  • Warranty analytics
  • Avoiding disasters
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Fraud detection
  • Cyber ​​security
  • Monitoring the sales process

Altair products

Altair software provides a comprehensive open architecture solution for data analysis, simulation and high performance computing.

Altair® RapidMiner®

The Altair RapidMiner platform enables you to connect to, transform, automate, and build machine learning models, deploy them to production, and create data analytics applications.

Altair® Monarch®

Monarch is a desktop, self-service data preparation tool that allows you to access, clean, prepare and combine any data, including PDF and semi-structured text files.

Altair® SLC®

Altair SLC runs programs written in SAS syntax without translation and without the need to license third-party products.

Altair® Panopticon®

Thanks to Panopticon, you will instantly get visualized analyzes and monitoring of critical data, without the need for coding.

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