Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies
Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies

Application integration and hyperautomation

Connect more. Automate your business

Leverage industry-leading integration services and APIs

automated and using the power of artificial intelligence

Design and build easily and quickly

Leverage a no-code, intuitive and user-friendly solution to empower your entire organization - including non-technical business users - to build, monitor and maintain integrations and APIs.


Smart automation of business and API data

Build trust in teams with tools for data quality, data cataloging, data centers, and a comprehensive line of APIs.

One platform connecting thousands of apps and services

Deliver self-service, discovery-driven marketplaces and business interoperability to unify API development and management, dataset processing, events, and more.

Automate your business processes

and scale even the most complex application integrations

Connect more

Get bundled ready-to-use connections to improve your customer experience and reduce errors.

Monitor and manage

Ensure business continuity and efficiency and achieve a high degree of control and productivity.

Scale elastically

No limits or delays thanks to access to highly resilient processes that can be easily scaled up and down.

Safety first

Take advantage of cloud-native security, scale, and flexibility to cover all your business use cases.

Build intelligent processes

Get high control with high performance to ensure business continuity and efficiency.

Smart, automated solutions

Cloud Application Integration

Integrate real-time applications and data using business processes that span both cloud and on-premises sources


API Management - Enterprise Application

Manage and secure your APIs with a cloud-native API integration and orchestration service


Cloud B2B Gateway

Start collaborating with B2B partners with the power and ease of the cloud


Cloud Data Integration

Intelligent, automated, high-performance multi-cloud data integration at scale


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