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Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies

Data Engineering (Big Data) - Scalable data engineering based on the cloud

Create intelligent, automated data pipelines in the cloud for AI and advanced analytics

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Master and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the rapid growth of data,

using intelligent, scalable cloud data engineering powered by CLAIRE

Simplify operations with serverless solutions

An advanced serverless deployment option with an integrated dashboard will reduce your IT load

Increase your productivity with automation

Build intelligent data pipelines quickly using CLAIRE®-based automation, including Automatic Change Data Capture (CDC)

Scale to handle petabytes of data

Ingest thousands of databases and millions of files and stream events

Data Management Competence Center

Nowadays, the importance of data and their role in building the strength of the organization and its competitive advantage is indisputable. 20 years ago, when we started the first implementations Informatica in Poland, this awareness was just being formed.

I am glad that during this time we have built a strong data management competence center and implemented dozens of IT solutions, allowing Polish business to unleash the power of data.

Paweł Borkowski

Managing director Integral Solutions

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Explore our data engineering solutions

AI-powered cloud data engineering delivers the trusted, high-quality data that data analysts need and are changing the face of business every day.

Cloud Mass Ingestion

Efficiently ingest databases, files, and streaming data for real-time data replication and streaming analytics


Cloud Data Integration

Intelligent, automated, high-performance multi-cloud data integration at scale


Cloud Data Quality

Quickly identify, fix and monitor data quality issues in the cloud and on-premises business applications


Enterprise Data Catalogue

Discover and inventory data assets across your organization


Enterprise Data Preparation

Intelligently discover and prepare trusted data for advanced analytics and AI/ML projects


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