Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies
Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies

Modernize analytics and cloud apps

Accelerate time-to-goals and increase ROI with cloud modernization

The challenges you will face when modernizing the cloud

Smart, automated solutions to solve business problems

Cloud-native, end-to-end data management platform

Prepare your investments for the future and meet the requirements of any business, taking advantage of the scalability and rapid implementation of new functions in the cloud


Simplified integration for all users

Empower any user to handle any workload on any cloud with a codeless, cloud-native self-service solution

Automation powered by artificial intelligence

Use intelligent automation and available recommendations for rapid development and operationalization

Looking for advice on
building a data warehouse?

Join our regular webinars and conferences and learn from global data management leaders eager to share insights and experiences.

Cloud modernization use cases

Increase your cloud ROI with an intelligent data platform powered by microservices and API

Quickly discover trustworthy insights

Intelligently automate data integration in data warehouses and deliver trusted data, accelerating business intelligence

6 things to consider before using a cloud data warehouse

Turn data storage challenges into growth opportunities with a cloud-based data management solution


The power of advanced analytics

Build high-performance data pipelines to quickly ingest, process, and prepare analytics-ready data for your data science, AI, and ML initiatives

What we must not forget when migrating a traditional data warehouse to the cloud

Watch the interview with Michał Żylińskim with Google Cloud


Power your business agility

Quickly modernize, connect and integrate legacy on-premises and SaaS applications

Why you should move your data warehouse to the cloud

Listen to the conversation with Piotr Pietrzkiewicz from Snowflake, why you should move your data warehouse to the cloud right now


Explore resources on migrating your data warehouse to the cloud

6 things to consider before using a cloud data warehouse


Efficient use of the Snowflake cloud data platform


Cloud data integration, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services


Intelligent and automated solutions

Modernize in the cloud with end-to-end, cloud-native AI solutions

Application Modernization

Industry-leading intelligent integration services and APIs through automation to increase agility


Cloud Data Integration

Intelligent, automated, high-performance multi-cloud data integration at scale


Cloud Application Integration

Integrate real-time applications and data using business processes that span both cloud and on-premises sources


API management

Manage and secure your APIs with a cloud-native API integration and orchestration service


Cloud Data Quality

Quickly identify, fix and monitor data quality issues in the cloud and on-premises business applications


Cloud Mass Ingestion

Efficiently ingest databases, files, and streaming data for real-time data replication and streaming analytics


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The need for advanced AI-powered data management tools is becoming greater – Informatica, a leader in data management, introduces an innovative solution: CLAIRE GPT.

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Learn how to intelligently MDM from Informatica introduces innovations in cloud data management.

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