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Data catalog - explore information resources in your organization

Find, understand and prepare all your data with AI-powered metadata discovery and data cataloging

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Automatic detection, selection and access to information about the origin of data

Discover, profile, classify and organize data in multi-cloud and multi-hybrid environments.

With a data catalog, you will gain insight and understanding of the context of your data, which will become consistent

Give your data assets meaning and context by powering discovery, inventory, and preparation processes with AI and metadata.

Automation supported by artificial intelligence

Accelerate your digital transformation by thoroughly and quickly searching, inventorying and organizing your data resources.

Active metadata

Enrich your data with rich context thanks to a consistent view of enterprise metadata.

Self-service data preparation

Empower users to search and prepare data for AI/ML applications to quickly turn data into trusted business intelligence.

Connect, catalog and explore data resources

Automatically search multi-cloud platforms and find the right data assets using BI, ETL, and third-party metadata catalogs

Easily manage and prepare your data

Take advantage of automatic domain detection, data similarity, associations and recommendations.

Automate your data processing line

Get detailed analysis of the impact of changes by monitoring data traffic at the system level down to the column level.

Understand data quality and the relationships between it

Understand how assets are used, how they serve your organization, and how they work together using the Data Asset Analytics dashboard.

Measure and optimize the value of your data

Access your data quality policies, scorecards, metrics and profiling statistics

Collaborate on data analysis

Share your data knowledge with certifications, ratings, reviews, Q&A, and notifications

Data Management Competence Center

Nowadays, the importance of data and their role in building the strength of the organization and its competitive advantage is indisputable. 20 years ago, when we started the first implementations Informatica in Poland, this awareness was just being formed.

I am glad that during this time we have built a strong data management competence center and implemented dozens of IT solutions, allowing Polish business to unleash the power of data.

Paweł Borkowski

Managing director Integral Solutions


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Clients about us

Tomasz Ćwik

Head of Strategy & Architecture Department, BNP Paribas Bank Polska

The tool contributed to the success of the integration of Bank BNP Paribas with Raffeisen Bank. We achieved the set goals, which was possible thanks to the excellent work of the team consisting of our employees and Integral Solutions i Informatica.
Solutions Informatica turned out to be quick to implement, cost-effective and addressed legal, compliance, security and data access aspects.

Clients about us

Sebastian Gliński

Starszy Menedżer IT, Departament Hurtowni Danych, Systemów Finansów i Ryzyka, mBank

The basis of cooperation with Integra! Solutions is commitment and flexibility in response to our current needs. Services are delivered on time with due diligence.
Therefore, I recommend Integra! Solutions Sp. z o. o. as a trustworthy partner who guarantees the standards and high level of services provided.

Clients about us

Michał Podgajny

Director, Management Consulting, Financial Services, KPMG Poland

The basis of cooperation with Integral Solutions is commitment and flexibility in response to our needs. The services were delivered on time and with due diligence.
Therefore, I recommend it Integral Solutions Sp. z o. o. as a trustworthy partner who guarantees the standards and high level of services provided.

Clients about us

Marek Rybka

Dyrektor Departamentu Informacji Zarządczej, PKO BP

Professionalism and experience of the company Integral Solutions Sp. z o. o. have been confirmed in the implementation of several projects re-implemented on the basis of the Informatica PowerCenter tool used by Bank PKO BP.
We highly appreciate the way the project is run, the timeliness of implementation and the professionalism of the company's consultants Integral Solutions Ltd.
We are happy to recommend Integral Solutions Sp. z o. o. as a professional contractor of advanced IT solutions.

Explore intelligent Data Catalog solutions

Enterprise Data Catalogue

Discover and inventory data assets across your organization


Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners

Extract metadata and data pedigree with detailed information from complex data sources


Cloud-native Enterprise Data Preparation

Discover and prepare trusted data for advanced analytics and AI/ML projects


Cloud Data Governance and Catalog

Learn how to find, understand, trust, access and manage data in the cloud


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