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Data Grovernance and Data Quality

Trusted data for everyone

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Become a leader in your sector

thanks to unique data management

Provide comprehensive, automated data discovery, analysis and selection

The integrated and modular solution includes data directory, personal data protection and data quality tools. The modules complement each other, ensuring comprehensive data management.


By automating the democratization of data, you will improve access to data and their use

Apply, automatically, best practices and adjust the use of data to the rules and quality requirements. Make users quickly find the information they need with the right context.

Thanks to advanced analytics, you will prioritize risk mitigation and improve transparency

Determine the highest ROI based on risk management, taking into account the value of your data and potential exposures. Use automated procedures to speed up the fulfillment process.

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Date Grovernance?

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What do you gain thanks to trusted data,

obtained thanks to implemented Data Governance practices?

Share trusted data with employees

Don't lock data for expert use only. Have the right data policy and empower your employees to make the best data-driven decisions.


Are you implementing Data Governance in your organization? Explore best practices

How best to prepare and implement Data Governance, what to pay attention to and what mistakes to avoid.

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Operationalization of the complete structure of personal data

Responsibly share and make data easy to use, take control of data security and unleash value creation.


How to increase data-driven business resilience

Learn about CDO's top data strategy priorities


Reduce potential risk and ensure compliance with applicable regulations

Manage data privacy, connect IT and business interests by applying the best practices in terms of compliance with regulations.


The lack of awareness of the management board as to the role of data is an obstacle to the implementation of Data Governance

Find out how to deal with it, listen to experts from Deloitte and Integral Solutions


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data and privacy

A new approach to data management


Data management and Data Governance - the most important priorities of the CDO data strategy in 2023


Accelerate business success with data sharing


Start or accelerate your data management journey with Informatica

Cloud Data Integration

Intelligent, automated, high-performance data integration across multiple clouds and at scale


Data Quality

Provide clean, trusted data, make all your projects meet your business goals


Axon Data Groverance

Collaboration hub and marketplace for agile, scalable data management


Enterprise Data Catalogue

Discover and inventory data assets across your organization


Data Democratization

Discover the potential of data by implementing the principles of data democratization and providing users with a data marketplace


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How the data marketplace delivers value to the data consumer

What is a data marketplace within the platform and how does it work? Informatica and how the solution complements other data marketplaces and exchanges.

Holistic enterprise integration architecture using iPaaS

Thanks to innovative solutions, Informatica iPaaS enables organizations to effectively manage, integrate and analyze data to make better business decisions.

How to turn your AI vision into reality with cloud modernization

The digital transformation landscape is rapidly evolving with the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud modernization. Implementing these technologies is crucial to success in an increasingly data-dominated economy.

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