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Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies Integral Solutions - IT solutions for companies

Product 360

Large-scale product information management

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Product 360 - key features

Best-in-class PIM product information management solution to drive and engage the omni-channel product experience

Automation for smarter collaboration

Streamline product content workflows with intuitive task- and role-based user interfaces and insightful dashboards


Efficiently manage large amounts of data using a mature platform specifically designed for complex product data scenarios

Digital asset management

Process product information in an automated way, as part of a centrally managed system of product data and multimedia assets in any format

Data quality

Use built-in, automated quality checks and dashboards to standardize all your product data

Easy exchange of product data

Streamline the synchronization of product information using the data pool available in the Product 360 user interface

Connectivity with other eCommerce solutions

Connect with systems like HCL Commerce, Oracle ATG Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Google and Amazon

Engage and deliver product experience everywhere

Product 360 drives next-generation omni-channel support for increased productivity and compliance

Deliver trusted, rich and relevant product content across all channels

Your customers expect tailored, consistent interactions, trusted product information ensures a positive perception of the brand every time


Introduce products up to 10 times faster

Accelerate product launches in digital channels by easily collaborating on product information and automating your workflow - 360 content view

Increase productivity and reduce costs with automation

Some Product 360 customers report tripling their performance with automated workflows; others reduced the workload of data controllers by 50%

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Proper product information management strategy


Build your product information management strategy

Start small and grow fast – Start small and grow your project over time, in the cloud or locally. With solutions Informatica you will master key business data



Learn how to strategically manage, visually explore, and securely share customer data to deliver great customers


Supplier 360

Streamline vendor and supplier information management with a single, trusted data source



Manage your financial data with a cloud-native solution that combines MDM and AI-powered automation


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